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Do I require a referral from my GP to see a specialist at NZRSI? 
Yes, a general practitioner referral or referral from another specialist is required to make an appointment to see one of our specialists.  In some cases, if you are seeing a specialist for Immigration purposes, a letter from Immigration stating that you need to see a specialist is all that is required.

Does NZRSI have parking available? 
Yes our parking is located in the basement of our building.  Parking is free.  When you book an appointment we will send you a map of how to get to us and how to locate our parking. This map can also be found on our website.

Who do I see if I have insomnia? 
We do not currently have a sleep psychologist currently working at the Institute.  We do however have some close links with those that can help.  Please call us to discuss.

Do you see children? 
Yes, we have two respiratory paediatricians who work from the Institute, currently on a fortnightly basis.  A referral from your general practitioner is required.

Will my tests be covered by insurance? 
Yes most of our tests are covered by insurance, but it is always best to check your policy before you have your test done. 
We are a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider, so most of our lung function and sleep testing is covered by Southern Cross Health Insurance. Most of our Specialists are now also Southern Cross Affiliated Providers. 

What medicines do I need to stop prior to my test? 
Some of our lung function tests require you to stop medications prior to your testing.  We will however notify you about this at the time of booking and will also include a reminder in the confirmation of your appointment.

Will I get my results straight away? 
Most of our tests require analysis and specialist interpretation.  In some cases we are able to give you the result if you are seeing your specialist following your test.  This however would be an unreported result and would require interpretation by your specialist. 
My doctor has requested that I have a saline challenge test prior to starting my dive course.  Why do I need to have this test and what does this involve? 
A saline challenge is a test which mimics how your airways will respond when diving.  It is often required if you have had a history of asthma or inhaler use.  We get you to inhale saline (salty water) as a nebulised solution over a set period of time and measure how your airways respond to this.  Following the test, our respiratory specialist will provide a recommendation on whether you result shows an increased risk of diving complications and this will be sent back to your referring doctor.
I am interested in putting my name forward to be part of a research trial.  What do I need to do?  Check out our Research Page on the website.  This has a downloadable form that you can fill out and email through to us. 





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